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Website Optimisation Best Practices To Help Your WordPress Website’s Rankings

Why hire an expensive digital marketing agency, when you can partner with an affordable Website Optimisation Consultant?

Website optimisation, also known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is usually sold as a monthly ongoing plan. Although an ongoing approach to SEO is best, smaller businesses may not have the budget, resources, or even the need for a robust and complex digital marketing strategy.

As a freelance SEO consultant, I offer small businesses affordable solutions for ranking higher in search results.

Key website optimisation

Website Audit

Keyword Research

Speed Optimisation

Website Structure & Navigation

Metadata Optimisation

Broken links fixed & redirected

Website Optimisation Services

Professional website design services at the lowest prices.

Freelance SEO consultant

SEO Audit

Understanding your website’s SEO performance is fundamental. I perform an audit on your website to establish what is working and what isn’t.

Keyword Research

Using tools and techniques, I will ensure you target the right keywords for your audience, that will generate high amounts of relevant traffic.

On-Page Optimisation

I will ensure your content is optimised for your keywords, so search engines know how to index your web pages.

Technical SEO

If you want to rank well, you need to make sure your website is optimised to allow search engine spiders to crawl and index your website.

Local SEO

Local SEO is often fundamental for small businesses. I offer the expertise required to rank in your particular town.

Off-Page Optimisation

I can offer advice on key off-page optimisation, such as link-building and blogging.

How Does It Work?

Website audit & consultation

Part 1

SEO Audit

A website audit is performed to establish any issues and to see what improvements can be made to enhance your website’s performance in search engines.


A consultation will be arranged to discuss the results of the SEO audit and to provide recommendations to help increase your website’s rankings.

Implementation of key website optimisation

Part 2


Actions from the SEO consultation that have been agreed upon will be implemented on your website to improve its online performance.


This pay-as-you-go SEO solution is affordable and beneficial. However, your website’s performance should be regularly monitored, as further optimisation may be required to maintain rankings.

Website Optimisation  FAQ’s

Why are your SEO services different?

As a freelance SEO consultant, instead of costly monthly digital marketing plans, I provide key website optimisation and consultation, to help improve your website’s performance. Most of these key website improvements are known as On-Page SEO.

Can you guarantee me good rankings?

Nobody can 100% guarantee what they can’t control, especially as search engines are continually evolving. However, I do have SEO expert knowledge and keep up with the latest developments. I implement the best practices to help rank your website as high as possible within Google and other search engines.

Do you offer PPC services?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and is an additional strategy for getting traffic to your website in the form of paying for clicks, through advertising. PPC can cost huge amounts of money and sometimes for little or no return. I prefer to provide you with my expertise and educate you on the benefits of organic traffic through Search Engine Optimisation.

How will I be able to monitor my website optimisation success?

If you haven’t already, I will provide you with reporting tools, such as Google Analytics. These tools offer information on traffic to your website, where you can measure your website performance and gain insights into your user’s behaviour.

How much does your SEO service cost?

There will be a cost for the SEO audit and consultation and then a further cost, to implement the recommendations, should you choose to. Please request a quote for more details.

Will my rankings drop if I stop doing SEO?

Quite possibly yes, it’s like working a muscle, it needs to be constantly worked on to grow stronger. Also, with search engines continually updating their algorithms, it’s important to keep up with the latest best practices in SEO. A monthly plan would be the better option for businesses with higher budgets, but implementing key SEO procedures and monitoring the results, will help in maintaining good rankings.

Do you provide On-Page and Off-Page SEO Services?

I provide On-Page SEO, which deals with aspects of your website that can be optimised for search engines. Off-Page SEO refers to activities that you and others do away from your website to raise page rankings. Building backlinks is at the heart of off-page SEO and involves marketing through, Social Networking, Blogging, Forums etc. Some Off-Page website optimisation techniques will be included in my SEO advice report.

How long does Search Engine Optimisation take?

It depends on where you are today in the rankings. It also depends on what optimisation you and your competitors have done already. Generally, you may see some difference after a few weeks. However, Search engine Optimisation takes time, up to 6 months or more. For best results, website optimisation needs monitoring closely and reviewed regularly.

Do you just provide SEO services for WordPress websites?

Yes, currently I only offer my search engine optimisation service to clients, who have websites built using WordPress.